Harald Russegger , Mag.


Graben 5

A-5301 Eugendorf

Austria, EU-rope


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Education & Experience

Bundesrealgymnasium Hallein / Salzburg / Austria

Magister Psychology / Computer Science (University of Salzburg) (combined study)

Technical (IT Admin / Research Software Developer) Research Assistant Neural/Cognitive-Science Research at University of Salzburg (Department of Physio-Psychology, Prof Dr. Klimesch)

Co-author 3 international cognitive science papers with 1657+ citations

Digital Audio-Video prae/peri/post Production (academic courses at University of Salzburg, NAWI AV-Studio)

E-Government/ Open Government / Data and IT security / (academic courses at University of Krems)

Expertise in Mental Coaching  (Academic course at FH Potsdam)

Webdevelopment / Webdesign / Internationalisation Content Management (Sony Europe)

Project/Program/Department management ebusiness /eCRM (Sony Europe)

E-learning project management & conception (several EU-projects (ESF))

Self-employed multimedia/Video Producer (several projects)

Self-employed Trainer/coach for multimedia/ digital video /webdevelopment / Social Media / Video-conferencing / Soft-skills / Internet Security

Self-employed Servcie provider for Internationalisation / Localisation management / content management (founder of mondolingua.com professional translation & content management)

Self-employed Video streaming & conferencing consultant /coach / Support in several eu-projects

Self-employed webdevelopment / Data-Mining/Management / IT Security consultant  (founder of Bitdynamo.com)

Self-employed Digitalisation / AI / Cyber ethics consultant

Webinar Trainer / Consultant / Moderation / Webinar Tech-Support in cooperation with  MILENU Gmbh

Experiences as Lecturer

Trainer IT Skills at University of Salzburg (1996-1999, 2004-2006)

Soft skills / Digital Skill Trainer in the private sector (2004 – 2018) 

Lecturer at Seeburg Private University Seekirchen (2018 – Today):

Praxisprojekt / Projektmanagement mit Fokus auf Digital Business (UM/SS23/BA/BWL BF DB/4)

Digitalisierung (UM/WS2223/BA/BWL/5)

Digitalisierung (UM/WS2122/BA/BWL/5)

Digitalisierung (UM/WS2021/BA/BWL /5)

IT & Neue Medien: Einsatzfelder in der Wirtschaftspsychologie (UM/WS2122/BA/Wipsy/5)

Digitalisierung: Spezialthemen (BF Immobilienwirtschaft) (CW/WS2021/BA/BWL BF Immo/5)

Digitale Medien im Sport- und Eventmanagement- Gr. B (UM/WS2021/BA/Sport/5)

Marketing (UM/SS20/BA/WiPsy/2)

Marketing (UM/SS21/BA/Wipsy/2)

Marketing (CW/SS21/BA/Wipsy/2)

Digital Business (UM/WS2223/BA/BWL BF DB/3)

WPF: Digitaler Wandel & Virtual Reality (UM/SS21/MA/BWL/2)

WPF Digitaler Wandel & Virtual Reality (UM/SS20/MA/BWL/2)

WPF: BIGData & eCRM (CW/WS1920/BA/Wipsy/5)

WPF 2: BIGData & eCRM (UM/WS1920/BA/Wipsy/5)

Marketing (UM/SS19/BA/WiPsy/2)

Marketing (UM/SS18/BA/WiPsy/2)

Course Digitalisierung: VR Erlebnisse

Impressions from other VR Sessions


Upcoming Courses:

Lecturer WS2023/24 „Digitalisierung“ (Spezialthema KI und VR) 

Lecturer  WS2023/24  „Einführung in VR/Metaverse Umgebungen“  Universität Klagenfurt

Lecturer  SS2024 „Einführung in KI Tools und Anwendung“ Universität Klagenfurt

Expertise highlights and current focus of interests


AI induced social Hallucinations, Social Robotics and Life Companions, Cyber-Psychology, Artificial Morality, Artificial Consciousness
Cognitive science, cognitive processing, soft-skills & e-competence training, design/evaluation of online questionnaires, surveys, conflict management, perception, team building, distributed project management, Management Coaching with Lego Serious Play elements, Internet & Society & Consciousness


Applied Artificial Intelligence in Work Environments and Education
Digital Transformation Consultant, Ethics of intelligent digital systems
Webdevelopment, Datamanagement, webinar technology & planning, innovative webinar didactics, social / psychological aspects of internet security / hacking, autonomous robotics, Education in VR/AR/XR Environments

New emerging digital transformation topics e.g. Cryptoconomy (eg. Block-chain, Tangle), (AGI) Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Consciousness, Industrie 4.0, Arbeit4.0, SynBio & Digitalisation, Health 4.0


Recently held talks

„Mehr Teilhabe durch digitale Anwendungen. Transparente KI als Voraussetzung für demokratische Prozesse“ Robert Jungk Bibliothek 2023

“Ethik der Künstlichen Intelligenz & Roboter Moral” Robert Jungk Bibliothek 2022

“Techno-Anarchy von unten – Blockchain, Tangle & Co” Robert Jungk Bibliothek

“Digitalisierung – Licht und Schatten” Robert Jungk Bibliothek

“Synthetisches Leben aus dem Computer” Robert Jungk Bibliothek für Zukunftsforschung

“Digit Food & In-vitro Nahrung”

Upcoming talks

„Digital Afterlife“  Robert Jungk Bibliothek 2023

„Wir sehen uns .. im Metaverse!“ Herbst2023 (SBWK)


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